Marijuana Possession

Marijuana Possession Defense For Juveniles And Adults In New Jersey And New York

Marijuana possession is among the most commonly charged drug offenses in the Bergen County and New York City areas. Too many people, unfortunately, take the view that "it's just marijuana," thinking that the situation is not very serious. The truth is, a conviction for a marijuana crime can have far-reaching consequences for adults and juveniles.

At Sutnick & Sutnick Attorneys at Law, our Hackensack marijuana possession lawyers treat these charges with the seriousness they deserve. Our attorneys each have more than 20 years of experience, and over that time have defended young people and adults accused of a variety of drug crimes, including marijuana possession. If you or your child has been arrested in Paramus, Paterson, Clifton, Hoboken or New York City, reach out to us for help. Additionally, you can review our Marijuana Possession FAQs page for more information.

Understanding The Potential Consequences

Marijuana possession is a crime that prosecutors handle aggressively. Too many people make the mistake of not meeting that aggression with their own powerful defense, which leads to convictions and serious penalties. The impact of a conviction goes beyond fines and penalties, including:

  • A criminal record that could make it difficult to get the job you want
  • Limiting scholarship eligibility and college prospects
  • A difficult time getting approved for a mortgage or to rent
  • Restrictions on traveling abroad due to a criminal record
  • Suspension of your driver's license

Former Prosecutors Now On Your Side

Both of our Hackensack attorneys, Warren S. Sutnick and Laura C. Sutnick, worked for the district attorney's office in Kings County (Brooklyn) earlier in their careers. They understand the techniques prosecutors use to get convictions in state court and adjudication of delinquents in the juvenile system. They will use that knowledge and experience to defend you against marijuana possession and any related offenses with which you are charged.

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Seek legal advice as soon as possible if you or your son or daughter has been charged with marijuana possession or a related crime in New Jersey or New York. Call a lawyer from Sutnick & Sutnick Attorneys at Law at 201-212-4532 (Hackensack). You can also email us, and we will respond promptly.