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What should I do if arrested or if the police are looking for me?

If you receive a call from the police that they are looking to arrest you or if you believe that you are going to be arrested, the first thing you should do is call a criminal lawyer. Make sure the attorney has a lot of experience handling criminal cases from beginning to end. You may have a friend who is a lawyer and offers to help, but you really want someone who specializes in criminal law because the choices you make in the beginning of the case can have an impact on how well the resolution will be in the end.

Should you turn yourself in? Should you talk to the police? What should you say if the police want to interview you on videotape? These are the types of choices that an experienced criminal lawyer can help you make so that you protect your rights and your interests. Generally the first thing you want to do is ask to speak to your attorney. That way you can be sure that whatever actions you take and whatever statements you do or don't make, won't hurt your case.

If you think the police may be investigating you or are about to charge you with a crime, an experienced criminal attorney can call the police or local detectives and get information for you. If there is a warrant for an individual or they are about to be charged with a crime, it is common for a lawyer to arrange to have a client turn himself in to the police in order to save the client the embarrassment from being arrested in public. You don't want to show up for work and be handcuffed. You don't want to come home for dinner and have the police meet you in front of your kids. It's a good idea to speak to an attorney about a voluntary surrender if there really are charges that have been filed or are going to be filed against you.

If you are charged and haven't consulted with an attorney in advance, be cooperative and don't fight back, but make sure to ask to speak to your lawyer before making a decision about answering any questions. Don't resist the arrest or think you can talk yourself out of being charged. You won't be helping yourself and may make things worse.

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