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If you're buying razors, beef or laptops you'll want to read this

Do you fall into the group that loves shopping or the group that hates it? Either way, a problematic issue in many areas that might affect your shopping experience in one way or another is shoplifting. This crime costs store owners billions of dollars every year and often winds up taking money out of your pocket as a consumer when they raise prices to cover their losses.

If a store owner or security guard accuses you of shoplifting, that will obviously also greatly impact your life. In fact, your shopping days may be over for quite some time until you resolve the situation. There are certain items that may cause you to come under the radar of store clerks, managers or security officials.

Could a fear of germs cause a false positive in a breath test?

In a time when antibiotic-resistant infections and diseases seem to be rampant, New Jersey residents who work in professions that require contact with numerous unknown individuals every day could develop a healthy fear of germs. In order to limit potential exposure to a serious or deadly illness, many use hand sanitizer so much that they may not even think twice about it.

You may be grateful that these individuals take steps not to spread germs under ordinary circumstances. However, one instance in which it could be detrimental to you is during a traffic stop in which a police officer suspects you of driving under the influence.

I've been charged with aggravated assault. What does that mean?

Sometimes, you can't avoid getting into an altercation. Even if you may have avoided the incident at some point, ultimately, you ended up involved and now you face charges for aggravated assault. You probably have some sense that the penalties you face are harsher than they would be for a simple assault or assault, but you may not quite understand why you face the more serious charge.

Facing any sort of criminal charges can cause you a great deal of fear. Not quite understanding the charges makes this fear even worse. If the circumstances surrounding the incident fall into one of the following categories, this may explain why you face a charge for aggravated assault.

New Jersey police focus on distraction

This spring, law enforcement has taken aim at distracted drivers. If you recently received a ticket for driving while distracted, it may have surprised you, especially if your cellphone was in your pocket.

Distractions behind the wheel continue to cause a rising number of accidents and injuries across the country, and the nationwide effort to bring awareness to the dangers of taking your attention off the road for any reason has intensified.

Prescription drug problems: Are you at risk?

If you live in New Jersey and are somewhere between 18 and 25 years old, you are among other young adults throughout the nation who are most at risk for misuse of prescription drugs. Studies show your age group ranks highest for non-medical use of various types of prescription medications. In fact, even in age groups younger than yours, prescription drug abuse seems to be prevalent, with one in 12 high school seniors claiming to have used prescription medication (such as the stimulant, Adderall) in non-medical situations.

Wiping the slate clean

Do you have a conviction for criminal charges on your record after a prior arrest for a crime committed in New Jersey? If so, you are certainly not the first person in the state with a criminal record. If you have run into problems trying to get your life back on track due to your record, you are not alone. Many others have shared stories about the troubles they've faced when attempting to reintegrate back into society after spending time behind bars and serving probation.

The court is always of the opinion that community and government programs should provide help to those who have served their sentences reach their full potentials as they move toward successful and happy futures. Once you've fulfilled your sentence, you should be able to get a job, rent an apartment, go to college or do anything appropriate to help you accomplish new goals in life.

A strong defense for underage DUI charges

Consumption of alcohol by a person under the age of 21 is always illegal. If an individual under the age of 21 faces charges of underage drinking and driving, the repercussions can be quite serious. If charged with underage DUI in New Jersey or New York, it is critical to respond with a strong defense.

Lawsuit calls 20,000 New Jersey DWIs into question

Breathalyzers are devices that are designed to take a breath sample from a driver and determine if the driver had consumed any alcohol. The device then takes this information and provides a blood-alcohol content percentage (BAC). Any BAC over 0.08 is over the legal limit in New Jersey and could result in driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges.

In theory, these devices sound like a great way to help keep the roads in New Jersey safe from drunk drivers. But what happens if the device is wrong? What happens if it says someone was drunk when they were not? That is the question currently being asked in New Jersey courts.

3 things to know about New Jersey's heroin and opioid problem

New Jersey, like many states in the country, is continuing to fight against illegal drug use. One area that the state is focusing on is the use of heroin and prescription drugs like opioids.

Why heroin and prescription drugs are often lumped together? There is a subset of prescription drugs that affect the body in a manner similar to using heroin. People may be prescribed these drugs, such as opioids, as pain killers after suffering an injury.

The Textalyzer: A New York initiative that will sweep the nation?

Drivers increasingly believe that they can multitask while behind the wheel. From using a navigation system to eating to making a phone call, individuals constantly allow themselves to be distracted by tasks that pull their attention away from the road. The most dangerous example of a distracting task is texting while driving.

According to a Huffington Post article, 341,000 motor vehicle accidents in 2013 involved texting. Additionally, nine Americans are killed every day in accidents that involved distracted driving. These types of statistics are staggering and highlight the danger that drivers on the road face. Even if you as an experienced, aware driver are paying attention to your surroundings, it is not unlikely that another driver changing lanes or crossing an intersection is not focused on the road.

New York thinks they have a solution.

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