Does shoplifting increase during the holidays?

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The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration and, unfortunately, an uptick in shoplifting incidents across New Jersey.

As the festive spirit fills the air, some individuals may succumb to the temptation of taking items without paying, leading to an increase in theft during this time of year.

Rising tides of shoplifting

During the holidays, bustling malls and crowded stores create an environment where shoplifting can thrive. In a recent survey, 53% of small retailers said shoplifting and theft increase during the holidays. The sheer volume of shoppers provides cover for those with ill intentions, making it easier for them to slip away undetected. Retailers often find it challenging to keep a close eye on every corner of their establishments, offering opportunistic shoplifters a window to commit their acts.

Preventing shoplifting incidents

To combat the rise in shoplifting, retailers in New Jersey implement various preventive measures. Heightened security, visible surveillance and strategically placed staff can act as deterrents. Additionally, stores often rely on electronic tags and alarms to discourage potential thieves.

What to do if caught shoplifting

If your child finds themselves caught shoplifting, it is important to remain calm and cooperate with store personnel. Attempting to flee or resist can escalate the situation and result in more severe consequences. Accept responsibility for the actions and follow any instructions given by store security or management. After the incident, you can explore your options and find answers to your many questions.

Youth shoplifting can happen for many reasons, from giving in to peer pressure or trying to garner attention. When an incident happens, there may be options to ensure a better outcome as well as create a memorable learning experience for your child.


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