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Traffic Violations

Experienced Traffic Violation Lawyers Serving Clients Throughout Northern New Jersey & NYC

Traffic violations can have a negative impact on your life. They can cause you to accumulate points on your driver’s license, which could lead to your license being suspended. They can also drive up the cost of car insurance. For this reason, it is important to take traffic violations seriously. Work with an experienced traffic violations lawyer as soon as possible — ideally on your first traffic ticket and not the one that may cause you to lose your license.

The experienced traffic violation attorneys at Sutnick & Sutnick Attorneys at Law can help. Let us look at your case and determine the best way to defend you. With offices in Hackensack, Wayne and the Bronx, our lawyers help people fight traffic tickets throughout NY & NJ, including Passaic, Hudson, & Bergen County.

Our certified trial attorneys have helped many satisfied clients, and we will help you achieve the best possible results in your traffic ticket matter. Call anytime, day or night, for a FREE consultation.

Need to Fight/Beat Your Traffic Violation?

At Sutnick & Sutnick Attorneys at Law, our Hackensack law firm handles a wide range of traffic violations in northern New Jersey and the New York City metro area:

Have You Received A Suspension Notification?

A driver’s license may be suspended for a number of reasons, including too many points (traffic violation points in NJ), receiving a moving violation while on probation (new driver) or driving on a suspended license. You can contest or negotiate for a lesser suspension at a license suspension hearing in front of the DMV. You may also be able to reduce or eliminate a suspension by taking a driving course. Let us help you keep your driving privileges.

Traffic Violation FAQs

At Sutnick & Sutnick Attorneys at Law, our NJ traffic violation lawyers understand the challenges that our clients face. While we know that every case is unique, there are certain traffic violation FAQs that readers might find helpful.

Why do points matter?

When a driver is issued a summons that carries motor vehicle points, it can have a substantial effect on their insurance rates, motor vehicle surcharges and driving privileges. As with any legal matter, it is important to be represented by an attorney who specializes in vehicle and traffic law and who can best protect your interests.

Can I pay a higher fine and get no points on my license?

In many cases, we can reduce or eliminate the motor vehicle points associated with traffic offenses and lower the fines to be paid.

Will traffic tickets affect my auto insurance rates?

Yes. Automobile insurance companies take many different factors into account when setting insurance premiums. Most importantly, insurance companies are evaluating the safe driving history of a motorist. This includes prior accidents and the number of moving violations. Without a doubt, minimizing the amount of motor vehicle points imposed on a driver will help to keep insurance rates lower.

Will points transfer to my home state?

Yes. Almost all states are members of the Interstate Compact Act and therefore share information regarding traffic tickets. While every state may treat tickets differently, even out-of-state drivers should be aware of the consequences of receiving a motor vehicle violation in the State of New Jersey.

How many points can I have on my license before I must pay surcharges?

If a driver receives 6 or more points in a 3-year period, the Motor Vehicle Commission will impose annual surcharges.

What types of tickets carry DMV surcharges?

Unlicensed driver (39:3-10a), driving while suspended (39:3-40), no liability insurance (39:6B-2), DWI/DUI (39:4-50), refusal to submit to a chemical breath test (39: 4-50.4a) are some of the tickets that have surcharges.

How many points can I have on my license before I face a suspension of my driving privileges?

Once a driver receives 12 or more points, they will receive a notice of suspension from the Motor Vehicle Commission.

Do I have to appear in court, or can an attorney appear for me?

Different courts have different polices regarding the appearance by a driver who receives a motor vehicle ticket. Please contact our office so that we can try and accommodate you.

How do points affect a commercial driver’s license or CDL?

A commercial driver’s license has very specific requirements about moving violations. Even one ticket can have substantial consequences, like increased insurance costs and license suspension.

I paid a ticket online and didn’t realize I would receive points from the Motor Vehicle Commission? Is there a way to reopen the case?

Yes, however every situation is different. Each court has different policies regarding opening a ticket that was paid on-line. It is very important to contact an attorney immediately if this situation occurs so that an appeal can be filed in a timely manner.

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Frustrated that you received a traffic ticket? Worried about points on your license? Need representation at a DMV hearing? Contact us by calling 201-212-4532 or by completing our online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation. With offices in Hackensack, Wayne and the Bronx, our traffic ticket lawyers are here to help you.