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Shoplifting Penalties

Being convicted of shoplifting or retail theft can lead to significant penalties now and have a negative impact on your life in the future with regard to your criminal record. Shoplifting penalties depend primarily on the value of the goods allegedly stolen, and on other factors like previous convictions.

If you or a loved one was charged with shoplifting or another theft crime, make sure you understand the charges and the possible penalties involved. And make sure you talk to an attorney before you talk to the police about your case.

Well-Versed In The Law Related To Theft

At Sutnick & Sutnick Attorneys at Law, our attorneys are well-versed in New Jersey and New York law related to shoplifting and theft. We can assist you if your case involves:

  • Shoplifting charged as a disorderly persons offense, which involves stolen goods valued under $200
  • A fourth-degree shoplifting crime, in which the value of the stolen goods is between $200 and $500, which can result in a jail sentence
  • A third-degree charge involving goods valued between $500 and $75,000, which can result in a jail sentence
  • A second-degree felony crime, which can carry more severe sentences
  • A third-time shoplifting offense, which can lead to a mandatory jail sentence
  • Mandatory community service — generally 10 days for first-time offenders and 15 days for second-time offenders

Diversion, Dismissal Or Downgrade?

Our lawyers can advise you regarding admission into a diversionary program, downgrading of your charges, dismissal of the charges or future record expungement, if applicable:

  • Eligibility for Municipal Court conditional discharge programs or Superior Court diversionary programs that can result in charges being dismissed upon completion — these programs are usually offered to first-time offenders
  • Motions to dismiss shoplifting charges for lack of evidence
  • Amendment of shoplifting charges that could affect your or your loved one’s immigration status

Through careful planning and strategic representation, we can help you reach the best possible case outcome. Most of our clients are first-time shoplifters and responsible people, not career criminals. We can assist you if you made a mistake or you are being falsely accused.

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If you have additional questions about shoplifting charges, visit our shoplifting FAQ page.

Defend yourself against shoplifting penalties. Contact us or call 201-212-4532 to schedule a free consultation about your case. We have offices in Wayne, Hackensack and the Bronx.