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Client Reviews

Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

“If you’re looking for an outstanding criminal defense lawyer that will go the extra mile. Look no further.

Laura Sutnick and her associates were a fantastic representation for me.”

– R.C.F.

“I had some pretty rough charges against me and Sutnick & Sutnick represented me. Absolutely had a best-case scenario win, they did a fantastic job in my trial.”

– Ethan B.

“I am very lucky that Mr. Sutnick agreed to use his legal expertise to defend me in a case. The result exceeded my expectation as it was dismissed by the Judge after hearing Mr. Sutnick’s argument.

Warren’s intimate knowledge of the local judiciary system enabled him to devise the best defense strategy for my case.

At the day in court he hit it out of the park.”

– Y.J.

“Warren’s law firm is the greatest that I have ever experienced.

This case was definitely one of the worst things that I thought was going to put my reputation in a bad light. I knew from the start everything that I didn’t do anything to get pulled over for with the law. I knew that I had to fight this case from the beginning.

He is so professional & always keep you updated with what is going on with your case. He told me from the start it was going to be a fight but I think we can win. He also said that it may take some time to get this done so just be patient. But he also told me what we were looking at if we didn’t win. He worked his magic & got me off of everything.”

– Ronnie B.

“From my experience, I see Laura as a brilliant strategist who will work hard for you, fight for you, and ultimately obtain the best solution for you, regardless of how complex your legal challenges are. She went above and beyond for me from a legal perspective, but I’ll never forget her care and concern for me throughout the time I had my open case. I believe Laura could tell I wasn’t a remotely dangerous criminal, and I was anxious beyond belief at the situation I was in; every time I met with Laura regarding the case or when she appeared for me in court she would always ask me if I was feeling OK and reassure me that everything would work out. She was very quick in responding to any questions I messaged her about as well.”

– Oliver L.

“Mr Warren Sutnick helped me with a DUI case. Not only was he highly professional, but he made sure I was helping myself before accepting my case. I would not be where I am if it were not for him!”

– Adam

“When I first heard I was under criminal investigation, I initially thought I would try and resolve this on my own, without legal representation. I quickly discovered this would not be the case and contacted Sutnick & Sutnick, as I was faced with serious allegations, which could have been life altering.

Sutnick & Sutnick is a stand out. Laura clearly described the charges I was facing, expectations and the choices available to me. Laura was always available to me, and when I called, if she was not available, she would quickly get back to me. Laura always kept me fully aware of how my case was proceeding and what to expect during the next stage.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Laura did it. We took the case to trial and I was found not guilty. She is more than an amazing attorney.

To close, I highly recommend Sutnick & Sutnick for any legal needs. Laura is extremely professional, well spoken, well dressed and well organized. She has a strong backbone and extremely confident. I’m very proud to have found this practice and to have Laura on my case. So thankful and blessed!”

– A.C.

“I highly recommend Sutnick & Sutnick for any legal needs. Laura is extremely professional, well spoken, well dressed and well organized. She has a strong backbone and extremely confident.”

– Izabela K.

“Warren is the best! He worked so hard on my case. His attention to detail and care for my case was wonderful. His office is so welcoming! I would highly recommend him if you’re looking for results! You will feel so strong with him by your side. Thank you Warren!”

– Jennifer U.

“Having a DUI case was one of the most difficult moments of my life and disrupted my work as well as my family. Mr. Sutnick was honest and clear about my options during the consultation, I was relieved to hear about his experience and that he promised to fight for the best possible outcome. Mr. Sutnick was with me during each court appointment, his confidence and competence were evident when he spoke on my behalf. Even during difficult situations, Mr. Sutnick provided me with the reassurance to hope for the best while also being ready for any eventuality. At our last court appointment, Mr. Sutnick was second to none! he provided all the facts of my case eloquently and went back and forth with the Judge in such a manner, that in the end, the Judge ruled in my favor. I was overwhelmed and felt blessed to have Mr. Sutnick fighting for me.”

– Anonymous

“Warren is now on speed dial and I can recommend him to just about anybody during a difficult time. What a wonderful human being and what a wonderful attorney. Precise, prompt and courteous service.”

– Carlos

“I retained Warren Sutnick after being involved in a complicated DWI matter. Warren was able to secure the best possible outcome for my case, which was complicated and somewhat unusual. I would recommend him to friends and family alike.”

– Anonymous

“Laura has such positive energy. Returns calls and answers emails immediately. Very good at listening and aggressively assertive.”

– Pat

“Laura is such a wonderful woman and a great lawyer. She helped me a lot in my case and the outcome was great. My case was finally dismissed and I was so happy.”

– Saeed

“Laura Sutnick and her firm handled our matter with professionalism and genuine concern to a very acceptable resolution. She treated the matter from Day 1 as if she was representing her own family member in what was a difficult family situation.”

– John

“Laura Sutnick is woman of her word, she is an amazing attorney, and one the most professional people I’ve dealt with.

From the moment I picked up the phone and spoke to her for the very first time- she impacted my family’s life in the most positive way.”

– Crissol

“Laura is very professional in everything she did for me and my case. She is precise and to the point in telling me what my case was all about, she was very thorough and fought very hard for my rights and benefits. Her recommendations and negotiations with the prosecution helped my situation. I would highly recommend Laura for her representation.”

– Brian

“Sutnick & Sutnick are two truly outstanding lawyers. They have helped me with several difficult issues over the years, and have never failed me once.

I wholeheartedly recommend them to whoever reads this, as I do to all my friends and family whenever they need help. They are kind, professional, and know what they’re doing.”

– T.K.