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Child Sex Crimes

Not just any lawyer can navigate through the complexities of a child sexual abuse allegation. If you or a family member has been accused of this life-changing crime, you need legal counsel who is skilled and experienced in an area of the law that is complicated and emotionally charged, especially if the accusations involve a family member. A comprehensive knowledge of New Jersey sex laws is paramount as well.

Extensive Experience. Powerful Advocacy. In-Depth Insight.

Defense attorneys and former prosecutors Laura C. Sutnick and Warren S. Sutnick possess more than 20 years of experience in sex crime cases. On behalf of northern New Jersey and New York City metro-area residents, they provide aggressive and discrete representation, bringing insight into how the opposing side thinks.

The accusations alone usually result in a verdict of guilty in the court of public opinion. Defending sex crime accusations requires personalized representation and tailored strategies. We spend time with our clients to discuss the specific issues surrounding the allegations. From there, we conduct our own detail-driven investigation to get to the facts.

These types of cases are unique in the law because normal criminal sentencing guidelines do not apply. There are enhanced mandatory minimum prison sentences in addition to lifetime parole, community registration and restraining orders. It is important to begin a vigorous defense immediately. These cases should be handled with care because they can be particularly emotional. Many times alleged accusers and defendants are related and live in the same household. A defense must be both strategic and respectful of the family relationships involved.

Prison, significant fines, lifetime parole and sex offender registry requirements under Megan’s Law may be the outcome of a conviction. Our objective is to fight the charge and get it dismissed or to minimize the penalties involved. Every case and every accused is different and needs special attention.

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