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Violent Crimes

Attorneys Defending You Against Violent Crime Charges In New York City And New Jersey

A violent crime can refer to many criminal charges, which you should take seriously. If you face a violent crime conviction, you could face fines, jail time and other undesirable consequences.

If you or a loved one faces a violent crime charge, the defense attorneys at Sutnick & Sutnick Attorneys at Law can help you protect your rights.

Our certified trial attorneys have helped many satisfied clients, and we will help you seek desirable results in your violent crime case. Call anytime, day or night, for a free consultation.

Extensive Experience With Felony Cases

We have experience with violent crimes and murder defense cases. We understand how prosecutors think because we have direct experience on both sides of criminal cases. Defense lawyer Warren S. Sutnick, a former attorney in a homicide bureau, and attorney Laura C. Sutnick have extensive knowledge of criminal law, including in cases alleging:

  • Assault and aggravated assault: related to a fight, attack, robbery or other incidents
  • Weapons charges: These are usually related to a gun used in a crime or to an unlicensed weapon.
  • Murder charges
  • Manslaughter charges or vehicular homicide
  • Out-of-state weapons charges: State courts typically prosecute these and can usually lead to mandatory jail sentences, even for people from other states traveling through New Jersey with licensed firearms.
  • Unlicensed gun possession charges: These often begin with searches of cars, homes and persons – when challenges to search and seizure are not viable, we can work with prosecutors to find other solutions.

Did you try to resist arrest or flee a police officer? We can help.

Every case is different. As your attorneys, we will carefully evaluate the facts of your case and examine the police reports and the evidence against you. We will ensure you are clear about what you are facing, whether murder, manslaughter or domestic violence, so you can make informed decisions about your defense.

Utilize Our Experience | Contact Us For A Free Consultation

Contact us or call 201-212-4532 to discuss your case with a violent crime defense lawyer at no charge. From our offices in Wayne, Hackensack and the Bronx, we provide skilled representation to residents of northern New Jersey and the New York City metro area.