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Criminal Record Expungement

Experienced Expungement Lawyers Helping You Get A Clean Record in NJ & NYC

Criminal records sometimes affect people’s lives in ways they never anticipated. A criminal record can limit your ability to get a good job or go to college. It can even take away your ability to vote.

When your life has been limited by your criminal record, you still have options. Working with an attorney can help wipe your record clean. The experienced record expungement attorneys at Sutnick & Sutnick Attorneys at Law can help. Let us look at your case and determine the best way to defend you. With offices in Hackensack, Wayne and the Bronx, our lawyers represent people in expungement, dismissal and sealing of cases throughout NY and NJ, including Passaic, Hudson, & Bergen County.

Sealing Criminal Records In New Jersey

One of the greatest things about the New Jersey criminal justice system is that certain individuals may have a record of their arrest or conviction wiped completely off of their record. Our lawyers will process all the expungement petition paperwork for you so that you may not even have to go to court at all. With the June 2020 changes, you might be eligible for an expungement. Discuss your specific case with an experienced attorney.

Our certified trial attorneys have helped many satisfied clients, and we will help you achieve the best possible results in your criminal record sealing matter. Call anytime, day or night, for a FREE consultation.

Are You Eligible For Expungement?

If you have an arrest or conviction for a local town ordinance, it may be expunged after two years. If a disorderly persons or petty disorderly persons offense is on your record, it may be expunged after five years. A crime may be expunged after six years.

We can help you determine what charges are on your criminal record and if they are eligible for expungement.

The new expungement law, which takes effect June 15, 2020, may be helpful to you because it reduces the amount of time you must wait to apply for an expungement and increases the number of arrests that may be taken off of your record. A crime may be eligible for expungement after five years. If you can demonstrate “compelling reasons” to get an expungement, the waiting time for a crime is reduced to four years, and three years for a disorderly persons or petty disorderly persons offense.

Charge When Eligible for Expungement If Expungement Is In the Public Interest (or for Compelling Reasons as of 6-15-20)
Local ordinance Two Years Not Applicable
Petty disorderly persons offense Five Years Three Years
Disorderly persons offense Five Years Three Years
Crimes Six Years (Five Years as of 6-15-20) Five Years (Four Years as of 6-15-20)

Increased Expungement Eligibility

A new law greatly expands the number and types of cases that may be expunged. If you were not eligible previously, you may be eligible now. As of June 15, 2020, the following may be expunged:

  • An indictable conviction and up to 3 disorderly persons convictions
  • An indictable conviction (even if you have a prior indictable conviction)
  • More than one indictable conviction if they are listed on the same judgement of conviction
  • A combination of indictable convictions and/or disorderly persons offenses if the convictions were closely related and took place within a short period of time
  • A combination of indictable convictions and/or disorderly persons offenses if 10 years has passed from the date of the most recent conviction, termination of probation or release from prison- whichever is later
  • Up to 5 disorderly persons convictions
  • Unlimited convictions for certain marijuana charges

While crimes have historically required a 10-year waiting period before they were expunged, major changes to New Jersey expungement law increased eligibility. The new law allows anyone convicted of certain crimes to apply for expungement five years after the date of conviction, termination of probation or release from prison – whichever is later. Also, the law allows for an earlier expungement if clearing the criminal record is for compelling reasons. The Court will take into account the nature of the offense, the person’s character and his or her conduct since the offense was committed.

If you were not previously eligible for an expungement, you may be now. Visit our expungement FAQ page for answers to questions people frequently have about record expungement.

Additionally, certain people convicted of selling and distributing drugs, or possession with the intent to sell drugs, may be able to have their criminal past taken off of their record.

An arrest or a conviction, even one from several years ago, can have a significant negative impact on getting a job and other aspects of a person’s life. Our attorneys will help you determine whether you are eligible for expungement. If so, we will gather all the relevant information, file the appropriate paperwork and diligently represent your interests throughout the process to help ensure its success.

Don’t Let A Charge Hold You Back

Do you want your rap sheet to come up blank rather than showing that you were arrested and that the case was dismissed? Are you considering the sealing or expungement of your criminal record?

Contact our expungement lawyers by calling 201-212-4532 or by completing our online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation about your criminal defense. From our offices in Hackensack, Wayne and the Bronx, we represent clients throughout Bergen County, Passaic County, Hudson County and New York City.