Bobby Brown charged with DUI, misdemeanors

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New Jersey drivers might do well to take a lesson from bad boy celebrity Bobby Brown. The R&B singer was charged with three misdemeanors this week following his arrest after a routine traffic stop. According to The Huffington Post, Brown was pulled over when he was seen talking on a cell phone, sans a hands free unit.

Police reports indicate Brown failed a field sobriety test. He was placed into custody and released without bail. The celebrity now faces two DUI related counts and one count of driving on a suspended license.

Brown’s attorney declined to comment, but released a statement denying that Brown was driving unsafely when stopped by Highway Patrol. She assured the public the singer was taking the matter seriously and noted that an investigation was in progress. Her statement also emphasized that her client was innocent until proven guilty.

Under the law, Brown could face up to six months in prison and criminal fines on DUI charges. He has one prior drunk driving conviction from 1996. However, because that incident occurred more than a decade ago, it will not factor into any penalties awarded in this case.

Similar laws apply to New Jersey residents. Brown is the ex-husband of singer Whitney Houston, who was found dead in a hotel bathtub earlier this year. He is currently on tour with his group New Edition and is set to appear in court April 16. Brown has not spoken out about the incident – arguably a wise move, since any incriminating statements could be used to help secure a conviction.

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