Police cracking down on dice games in Hackensack parks

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The city of Hackensack has invested tens of thousands of dollars to renovate local parks. This includes the installation of lighting at an artificial turf at one park and adding a refreshment stand at the clubhouse of another. Although the changes seem to have attracted more people to the area, police are cracking down on certain activities in the park including dice games.

Police believe that the gambling presents a public nuisance and could lead to drug crimes and violent crimes. These types of crimes are exactly the reason that the renovations were made as one park in particular was known as a hangout for drug dealers. Last weekend, ten men were arrested in parks throughout several counties for playing dice games. The police seized $1,191 from the players.

The police decided the crackdown on dice games was necessary because they fear that the gambling could result in arguments and fights. They also feel that a robbery could take place while games are being played. City Manager Stephen Lo Iacono said that the park is, “a very, very important part of the neighborhood and that part of the city. It’s a place where we want young people and residents to be able to gather without things going on to discourage them from being there.”

Several of the men arrested on Sunday were charged with possession of marijuana. Any individual facing criminal charges is encouraged to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away. Criminal charges can result in serious penalties and an attorney can increase the chance that charges will be reduced or eliminated.

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