Camden man faces murder charges after late night attack

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Use of drugs and alcohol can often have unpredictable effects on people. Individuals end up doing things that they would not otherwise do while sober. Actions individuals take while extremely intoxicated may lead to serious consequences and in some cases criminal charges.

Police say this was the case for a 31-year-old Camden man who is being held on murder charges after allegedly stabbing and killing a 6-year-old boy and wounding his 12-year-old sister. The incident took place after the accused smoked PCP-laced marijuana.

The man is accused of attacking the young girl in the middle of the night, and her brother apparently became involved in the altercation. He tried to aide his sister, at which point the suspect is accused of fatally stabbing the boy. The girl later told authorities the man had raped her. As of Sept. 4, she was still in the hospital but in stable condition.

During police questioning, the suspect was said to be visibly upset and wanted to know how badly the children were hurt. He also sobbed when he appeared in court. The charges against him are attempted murder and murder, but there may be additional charges on the way.

Many people who have been accused of a violent crime never thought they would find themselves in their current position. By law, everyone is entitled to a criminal defense. Being convicted of any type of violent crime can carry with it long-term consequences, including jail time and impediments to finding future employment.

The defense of a person accused of a violent crime can include a wide variety of factors, and anyone who is facing assault or murder charges will need a strong criminal defense in court.

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