Teaneck landlord charged with assault

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Landlords regularly share two-family dwellings with tenants, and disputes are fairly common in such settings. A variety of situations involving the agreement between a landlord and tenant could potentially lead to an altercation, and a landlord facing a criminal charge involving a tenant should understand all of the available strategies for a criminal defense.

A landlord in Teaneck faces an assault charge after allegedly stabbing a tenant. The 76-year-old landlord was arrested when his 43-year-old tenant called police. Authorities on the scene called for ambulance assistance, and the injured man was sent to nearby Hackensack University Medical Center for treatment of a puncture wound to the abdomen. The altercation occurred in the late-evening hours of Aug. 24 on Bogart Street.

Police have not yet determined what led to the fight. The landlord was charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and aggravated assault. These are serious charges that can have far-reaching consequences. Anyone facing such charges must act quickly to understand how the elements of the case could impact the method of defending against the charges.

The circumstances surrounding this particular event, including what was said between the tenants and any previous history of altercations, are very important in this type of situation. Not everyone who accuses a person of assault is necessarily telling the truth. A closer look at what led up to an altercation sometimes reveals that the injured person sparked the dispute and even initiated contact with the accused. These matters and others require close examination for a strong criminal defense.

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