Doctor headed to prison for selling narcotic prescriptions

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Crimes involving drugs often include illegal narcotics like crack cocaine, methamphetamine and other street drugs. However, some legal prescription drugs are narcotics and may be addictive and harmful. It is becoming more common to see drug charges related to prescription medicine when those drugs are not prescribed or used as intended.

A man who was a practicing physician in Lawrence, New Jersey, is now headed to prison for seven years for crimes involving prescription medicine. Authorities say the doctor sold prescriptions for the narcotic pain medicine Percocet, writing the prescriptions for nonexistent patients. He was accused of creating fake medical records for the imaginary patients. Those records indicated the doctor had treated each person who was prescribed medicine, but the patients did not exist.

The man’s medical license was revoked in 2008 after he was accused of illegally writing the prescriptions for pain medicine. He and the man he sold the prescriptions to were both indicted. The doctor went on trial for conspiracy, drug distribution, fraud and falsifying or altering medical records, but the trial was stopped when he pled guilty to all charges.

Facing drug charges can mean a trial, fines and prison time. Anyone accused of buying or selling prescription drugs should find out what they are up against, how the law applies to their situations and their rights. Being knowledgeable about the law may improve the chances of a favorable outcome when facing possession, distribution or other drug charges.

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