New Jersey medical assistant charged with sexual assault

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There has been an increase in public awareness of sex crimes, which has led to an increase in reported allegations of sexual offenses. However, not every sexual assault charge is warranted, and false accusations, even when made in good faith, can result in serious damage to the reputation and personal life of the accused.

A 29-year-old man employed at a medical clinic in Fort Lee, New Jersey, was arrested and charged with one count of second degree sexual assault and one count of fourth degree criminal sexual contact. The sexual misconduct is alleged to have occurred against two different female patients on separate visits to the medical clinic.

It is alleged that in December 2012, the man touched the breast and genitals of a female patient in a sexual manner while performing an exam. Similar claims were made by a second woman, who alleges that he touched her genitals while performing an allegedly unauthorized procedure. According to authorities, the accused man was working as a physician’s assistant.

The man, who has been released on $50,000 bail, has been ordered to have no contact with the alleged victims. In addition, he has been ordered to surrender his passport to authorities and is prohibited from working at the medical centers.

Sex crimes are handled in a different manner to ordinary criminal offenses and can carry severe penalties. The penalties for proven sexual offenses range from fines and prison time to paroled supervision for life and having the offender’s name entered into the sex offender register. Sexual offenses are serious charges, which makes it extremely important that the individuals involved ensure that the evidence and the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime are examined thoroughly and skillfully.

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