DUI charges can have long-term consequences

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Drunk driving is treated very aggressively in New Jersey. Under New Jersey state law a person who operates a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 percent or greater is considered to be driving while intoxicated. Being found guilty of a drunk driving charge in New Jersey is a serious crime that carries penalties including community service, probation, monetary fines and fees, mandatory license suspension and possible jail time.

According to a recent news report, a man from New City, New Jersey was arrested after he drove off of the New Jersey Garden State Parkway, and crashed his vehicle into a tree in Washington Township. Witnesses claim that the man was seen driving erratically along the parkway before the accident. He was allegedly heading southbound along the parkway when his Jeep swerved off of the pavement and into the center median, crashing into a tree.

According to first responders at the scene of the accident, the crash was so severe that the man had to be cut out of his car by emergency personnel. He was then transported to Hackensack University Medical Center to receive medical care for a compound legal fracture that he received in the accident. Police said prescription drugs were found in the man’s wrecked Jeep Cherokee as well. He was charged with a DUI and possession of prescription drugs.

Driving under the influence and related charges can have a very serious impact on a person’s life. In addition to the costs and consequences, many employers now request that prospective employees reveal such infractions during the application process. In such a competitive job market, a conviction could be career suicide. It is also one reason that it is imperative to completely understand your rights and responsibilities.

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