Multiple arrests made in Jersey City drug sting operation

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Drug offenses include a broad range of criminal activities from the possession of drug paraphernalia to the intent to distribute. Penalties for drug crimes depend on a variety of factors from the quantity and type of substance in question, to the intended use. Regardless of the specific offense, a drug charge in New Jersey carry very serious consequences from jail time and fines to long and invasive probationary periods.

According to the Mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey, local police working in conjunction with Hudson County prosecutors and federal agents arrested nearly three dozen individuals in a drug and weapons crackdown. The mayor said the arrests were part of a targeted effort to reduce crime in the city’s highest crime areas. The operation reportedly took place over the weekend in Jersey City’s southern and western districts.

In total 35 people were arrested on a variety of drug charges including drug distribution and drug possession. Law enforcement also stated that they seized a number of illegal artifacts such as weapons during the raid. Among the weapons and drugs seized by law enforcement in the bust was a replica Uzi, a crossbow handgun, 14 knives, handcuffs, a blackjack, multiple bags of marijuana and two bags of cocaine.

If someone is arrested in a sting operation such as the drug and weapons crackdown discussed above, it is important that they discuss the matter with an experienced criminal defense attorney. While large-scale, citywide sweeps for criminal drug activity are not unheard of, they are also notorious for being riddled with procedural errors. Such errors can be the difference between years behind bars and going home free.

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