New Jersey man facing charges for drug possession

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State prosecutors and New Jersey state authorities go after drug charges with a heavy hand. From simple drug possession charges to claims of manufacturing and distribution, individuals accused and convicted of drug crimes can end up serving long sentences and paying massive financial fines. That is why New Jersey residents currently facing charges for a drug offense should speak with a criminal defense attorney if possible.

According to police reports, a man from Independence, New Jersey, was arrested for the alleged possession of marijuana after authorities approached the man’s car at a gas station. Police officers claim that while on routine patrol they noticed a car parked at a Shell gas station. Police then said that two males approached the suspect’s vehicle, and that officers noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from one of them.

While the men have not been charged with serious crimes, it has been reported that one man is currently facing charges for drug possession of fewer than 50 grams of marijuana. According to the local police, the individual in custody was allegedly found with a small Ziploc baggie of marijuana in his possession. Law enforcement authorities subsequently released the man pending his future court appearance.

Whether a person is facing accusations of criminal drug trafficking or simple possession, a guilty verdict on drug charges can carry very serious consequences for the accused. Rather than facing long prison terms or extended probationary periods, it is important for individuals accused of crimes to seek the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney. In the end, it could mean the difference between guilt and innocence.

Source: New Jersey Herald, “Independence man faces drug charges,” Aug. 12, 2013


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