Brothers face murder charge for rapper’s death

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Violent crimes are often considered to be among the most heinous crimes an individual can commit in any state in the nation. From a felony assault charge to a murder charge, a conviction for a violent crime can come with serious penalties. Despite the serious nature of a violent crime charge and the potential consequences of a conviction, it is important to remember that a successful defense is possible.

New Jersey law enforcement is looking for two brothers believed to be connected to the shooting of a New Jersey rapper. According to authorities the fatal shooting took place at the Nu Trendz Hair Salon located in Franklin Township. Witnesses told police that the three men began to argue and that their dispute became violent. The rapper reportedly died shortly after the shooting at the hospital he was transported to.

Prosecutors have not provided many details concerning the alleged dispute or which brother is believed to have pulled the trigger. The 21 and 28-year-old brothers from New Brunswick and Bound Brook both face first-degree murder charges. The Somerset County prosecutors office has announced that it will offering a reward of up to $5,000 for any information that results in the whereabouts and arrest of the two brothers.

Under New Jersey state statute, criminal homicide constitutes murder when the actor causes the death or serious bodily injury resulting in the death of another person knowingly or purposely. Furthermore, the crime of murder is a crime of the first degree and individuals who are convicted of the crime face a prison sentence of 30 years to life without the possibility of parole. This is a very serious penalty for a very serious crime.

When a defendant is facing a serious criminal charge, it is important to construct a defense. This is best done by conducting further investigation. This could help reduce or even drop the charges against them. Those seeking to make a defense should gain insight about their situation. This will help them choose an appropriate course of action while protecting their rights and interests.

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