Individuals charged with drug possession in New Jersey

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People in all different phases and classes in life can become mixed up in activities that they may later regret. If the parties are considered to be a part of illegal activity, they could potentially face charges that could lead to serious repercussions. Drug possession charges can result in individuals facing potential jail time or other penalties, and if such an outcome is hoped to be avoided, the parties may wish to find out more about available legal choices.

Two individuals in New Jersey may wish to determine how to proceed with their situation after they were taken into custody. The situation reportedly began when one of the parties called the authorities about someone trying to break into their hotel room with a knife. When officers arrived at the scene, they did not find anyone in the hallway. They spoke to the individual who made the call and suspected that he and a woman in the room may have been hallucinating.

The officers were allegedly given permission to search the room and reportedly uncovered methamphetamine and other drug related items. A child was also purportedly in the room, and child services were called. The child was removed from the couple’s custody, and both individuals were taken into custody and charged with drug possession and other allegations.

The drug possession and other charges that the two individuals face could lead to significant penalties if they are found guilty. Therefore, they may wish to decide what legal paths may be best suited for their circumstances. If a plea bargain is available, one or both parties may wish to consider the bargain in an attempt to achieve a lesser sentence if a guilty plea is entered. However, each party should consider their personal wishes and follow the New Jersey legal courses with which they feel most comfortable.

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