New Jersey program looks to deter underage drinking

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When school is out for the summer, many students may try to find way to have fun over their break. Some may even look for that fun to include underage drinking. However, individuals who are looking to participate in such an activity should know that they could face serious punishments if they are charged by authorities. Some states may even take extra precautions to ensure that underage individuals do not consume alcohol.

A program in New Jersey called “Cops in Shops” was implemented to deter underage drinkers. This program involves off-duty officers acting as sales clerks in stores that sell alcohol. These officers will be on the lookout for individuals attempting to use fake identification and for parties who may be buying alcohol to give to underage individuals.

Dozens of police departments across the state have received funding to participate in the program. If an individual is charged for underage drinking, they could potentially face jail time, fines or a suspended license. This program has been in effect for almost two decades, and over those years, it was reported that approximately 10,000 arrests have been made related to the program.

As mentioned, underage drinking can come with severe penalties for a young person. Therefore, if an individual is charged for such alleged activity, they may wish to assess their situation and the legal options that may be available to them. Restrictions on underage consumption in New Jersey have various aspects, and parties may wish to find out if those restrictions are applicable in their situation and whether they may wish to defend themselves against the allegations.

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