New Jersey man charged with assault after alleged attack

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When a situation between more than one individual escalates to the point of violence, it is important that the authorities investigate the situation to determine what may have caused the event. In some cases, physical contact is used as self-defense if a person is feeling threatened or in fear for their life. If a person is charged with assault, they may wish to ensure that authorities have the proper information about the situation.

A New Jersey man may be hoping to give his side of a situation after he was charged with assault. Reports indicated that the man allegedly hit another man in the head with a flashlight multiple times. It was noted that the flashlight contained three D-sized batteries. At this time, it is uncertain what may have led to the purported incident.

Authorities reportedly responded to the scene, and the man is currently facing charges for weapons offenses and assault, both aggravated and simple. He was scheduled to have a court appearance on the day of the report. It was not mentioned what the status of the alleged victim may have been regarding injuries.

Preparing for court appearances can play a considerable role in the outcome of a person’s case. Assault and weapons charges are serious allegations, and a conviction for such offenses could result in steep punishment. Therefore, preparation and exploration of legal options and proceedings regarding these allegations in New Jersey could help the man understand his situation and determine what choices he feels most comfortable in making as his situation moves forward.

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