Woman accused of drunk driving, assault by New Jersey policeman

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Charges of driving while intoxicated should never be treated lightly by those who are facing them. These types of charges can result in significant punishment and have the potential to spill over into other aspects of a person’s life. Prosecutors will not hesitate to use whatever relevant evidence they can collect to obtain a conviction. If the person is facing other crimes in addition to the DWI, it may make their situation that much more difficult. This could be the fate of one woman who allegedly assaulted a New Jersey police officer when he pulled her over for drunk driving.

According to authorities, the woman is actually from out of state and was arrested before midnight on a recent evening. The attending officer claims that she was driving the wrong way on a street that only goes in one direction. He also reports that she was intoxicated, though it has not been disclosed how he arrived at that conclusion.

When he was handcuffing her, the officer claims that the woman assaulted him — kicking, scratching and tearing his badge from his uniform. She was charged with a DWI along with aggravated assault on an officer. There is no word as to whether she remains in custody.

If this woman did assault the officer as he alleges, this could also negatively affect her drunk driving case. If she is convicted, she could be sentenced to incarceration, have to pay a fine and face other penalties. It should still be noted that she is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty of any charges in a New Jersey court of law, as anyone in her situation would be. She will need a thorough understanding of her case and the charges she faces in order to present a full defense and facilitate the best outcome possible.

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