New Jersey man charged after alleged drunk driving accident

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When individuals are not in their right state of mind, they may not make the best decisions. As a result, parties who consume alcohol may become impaired and make unwise decisions. Unfortunately, if one of those mistaken decisions is to get behind the wheel after drinking, that driver could be involved in a serious collision, which may also result in his or her facing criminal charges for drunk driving.

A man in New Jersey is currently facing such charges after allegedly being involved in an accident. It was reported that a collision apparently took place between an SUV and a tractor trailer that caused the truck to overturn down an embankment. The SUV had apparently been reported to the authorities before the accident took place due to purported erratic driving.

When police officers arrived at the scene, they reportedly believed that the driver of the SUV appeared impaired. A field sobriety test was purportedly administered, and the driver reportedly did not pass the test. The man was then taken into custody and charged for driving while intoxicated. The situation is still under investigation by the authorities.

Facing allegations for drunk driving can be a complex situation for the individuals involved. The man charged in this case may want to closely examine his circumstances to determine how he may wish to proceed with his case. Information on criminal proceedings for DWI in New Jersey may be able to help him gain more knowledge on what he could potentially face on his legal journey.

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