Juvenile drug charges filed against New Jersey teen

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When a minor is suspected of criminal activity, the circumstances of the situation could play a role in how a potential case is handled. If the crime is severe, a minor could potentially be tried as an adult and face serious possible consequences. However, if a person has juvenile drug charges leveled against him or her, the situation could likely be handled much differently.

A New Jersey teen was recently taken into custody for allegedly having marijuana. It was reported that authorities were called to a school after it was suspected that a 16-year-old boy was in possession of the drug. It was not mentioned in the report how the marijuana was allegedly discovered.

The alleged amount found was less than 50 grams. As a result of the situation, the teen was charged with possession of marijuana. It is unclear whether being on school property will play a role. The situation will likely be handled in family court. Since the teen is a minor, his case may differ from that of an adult facing similar charges.

As the situation moves forward, the teen and his parents will likely wish to learn more about juvenile drug charges. Information on the New Jersey process that may need to be gone through during the case may be helpful. Gaining knowledge on how the boy’s record could be affected if he is found guilty of the charges may also be a concern. The family may wish to explore options that they feel most comfortable with for handling the legal situation.

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