Individuals face drug charges after car search in New Jersey

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When an individual is charged for an alleged crime, it is important that he or she understands that the option to work toward proving his or her innocence is available. Parties facing drug charges may wish to create a meaningful defense that could potentially combat the allegations that they face. Of course, there are also other options that could possibly be available, and individuals should consider what may be best for them.

Two parties in New Jersey may be considering their legal choices after being taken into custody. It was reported that the pair were parked in a vehicle when they were approached by officers. An officer purportedly thought the vehicle looked suspicious, and allegedly investigated the car with other officers.   

It was reported that the officers allegedly found crack cocaine, marijuana, syringes and other drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle. It was also noted that the two individuals inside the vehicle apparently had outstanding warrants. Both individuals were taken into custody on drug charges. One individual was released, and the other was released after posting a $35,000 bail.

As their situations progress, each party may want to determine what legal routes may be best for the circumstances. If creating a defense is of interest, one or both individuals may wish to request evidence that the prosecution may be intending to use against them. By examining the evidence, the parties may be able to build meaningful defenses against the drug charges that could help them work toward maintaining their innocence. It is important to remember that the parties are considered innocent unless they are otherwise proven guilty in New Jersey court.

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