New Jersey man sentenced in child pornography case

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The decisions made during criminal proceedings can often sway the way a situation is handled. If an individual chooses to plead guilty to a child pornography charge, his or her situation will be handled differently than if an individual enters a plea of not-guilty. However, it is important that individuals understand that each case is unique and that they have the ability to choose the options with which they are most comfortable.

One man in New Jersey chose to enter a guilty plea after he was charged with distributing child pornography. It was reported that the man had allegedly created a “shared” folder to which he uploaded images of child porn that could be accessed by other individuals. An officer reportedly downloaded images and apparently traced them back to the man. 

Later, a warrant to search the man’s home was apparently executed. After being taken into custody and charged, the man chose to plead guilty. As a result, he was recently sentenced to six years in prison. He must also register as a sex offender. It was not clear how authorities became aware of the computer folder or that the man was uploading images.

This case indicates that the man chose to take advantage of the option to enter a guilty plea. While this is a viable option in many cases, this action may not be suitable for all child pornography cases. If individuals are facing such charges, they should be aware of their option to fight the charges in a court of law by creating a criminal defense. Additional information on how to create a meaningful defense and information on New Jersey criminal proceedings may be beneficial.

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