Several face drug charges in New Jersey

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A narcotics investigation that lasted three months recently led to seven people’s arrests in New Jersey. Their drug charges range from possessing marijuana to possessing and distributing heroin. According to police, the investigation started with the purpose of monitoring areas where drugs were considered to be a problem.

The people arrested ranged in age from 21 to 65. Police did not disclose how much heroin they seized, but they said, in some situations, the value of the heroin totaled thousands of dollars. Authorities also reportedly discovered other controlled substances, which were packaged to be sold.

Police said they additionally found money. Most of the people’s charges involve possessing and distributing heroin or marijuana. One person was additionally charged with possessing drug paraphernalia and using marijuana. Meanwhile, two other individuals were charged with possessing drugs in a school zone, and one of them faces charges of distributing cocaine and heroin near a public park. Police continued their investigation and said additional arrests may be made.

The individuals’ drug charges have to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt in order for them to be convicted in New Jersey. This standard has been established with the goal of protecting people who are innocent from being convicted of crimes. As they and their defense counsel proceed with their criminal defense, the prosecution might offer plea agreements, which could result in more favorable sentencing considerations. Regardless of the paths their cases take, their defense counsel will strive to preserve the defendants’ legal rights as they pursue results that are acceptable to their clients.

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