Drug charges brought against man in New Jersey

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Gathering information on legal topics may be the first step that accused individuals wish to take. This step can help parties who are facing drug charges determine what the situation means for them. Additionally, this information may help them explore their defensive options for combating the allegations leveled against them. Understanding certain strategies and legal proceedings may prove valuable to interested parties. 

One man in New Jersey may be looking to gain such knowledge after being charged for alleged criminal activity. It was reported that the man recently made his first court appearance through video connection. He was charged with possession and intent to distribute after he was discovered with 107 bags of marijuana. Details were not given in the report as to why the man was arrested or how the drugs were allegedly found.

Some of the allegations pertained to his intent to distribute drugs within a certain number of feet of a school and park. It was also noted that the man reportedly has previous criminal convictions and six warrants for his arrest. It was unclear whether any of those warrants were related to the current charges that he faces. His bail is currently set at $20,000 with a 10 percent option.

Because the man is facing drug charges, he will likely want to defend against the allegations. By gaining knowledge on New Jersey criminal proceedings relating to his case, he may be able to better understand what he may face as his case moves forward. Additionally, he may wish to confer with his legal counsel in order to gain further insight into his state of affairs.

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