New Jersey woman facing drunk driving charges after traffic stop

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When an individual has criminal charges filed against him or her, that person may wish to take time to evaluate the situation and determine what steps may be best to take. In some cases, an individual who has been charged with drunk driving may not be certain how the case will be handled. Luckily, parties facing such situations have options for learning more about their legal predicaments and how they could be handled.

One individual in New Jersey may be assessing her situation after she was taken into custody. It was reported that authorities were allegedly alerted to a possible drunk driver. Police located the woman’s vehicle and apparently performed a traffic stop. It was unclear whether the woman exhibited any signs of intoxication or whether any sobriety tests were administered.

The situation did lead to the woman being taken into custody for driving while intoxicated. She is also reportedly facing charges for child endangerment due to allegedly having her son in the vehicle at the time of the purported incident. As a result, the woman was taken to jail and was being held at the time of the report due to not meeting a $25,000 bail. 

Criminal allegations for drunk driving and other charges can have a considerable impact on the woman’s situation. However, she has the opportunity to defend against the allegations if that is an avenue she wishes to follow. Gathering more information on New Jersey criminal proceedings relating to DWI as well as consulting with her legal counsel may help her better understand her situation and make decisions in her own best interests.

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