New Jersey men charged with drug possession, other allegations

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It was recently reported that two individuals in New Jersey were taken into custody on serious drug charges. Reports stated that two men were accused of drug possession after thousands of bags of various drugs were allegedly located at their place of residence. It was unclear what caused the authorities to suspect that the men had any purported involvement in alleged drug-related activity. 

It was further detailed that authorities reportedly seized over 4,000 bags of drugs, including heroin, cocaine and marijuana. In addition to the drugs, it was noted that $8,000 in cash was also located, as well as a handgun. Other drug distribution paraphernalia was apparently also found in the home, but it was unclear what that paraphernalia might have been, specifically. 

The reported search and seizure resulted in the two men being taken into custody on charges of drug possession and intent-to-distribute. Presumably due to the handgun being in the home, the men also had weapons charges leveled against them. One man was being held on a $401,000 bail, and the other man was being held on a $551,000 bail. Neither man was allowed a 10 percent option.

Due to the drug possession charges and other allegations that the men face, they will likely want to determine how to best handle their predicaments. Each individual may wish to explore his options for creating a criminal defense while keeping his best interests in mind. Furthermore, each man may wish to consult with his legal counsel in order to become more knowledgeable about New Jersey criminal proceedings relating to their cases.

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