Juvenile crimes: New Jersey teen facing charges

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When young people are accused of criminal activity, their predicaments may be complicated for themselves and their families. Juvenile crimes can lead to serious charges that individuals may not fully understand or know how to handle. However, assistance is available for parties who wish to explore their legal options and potential criminal defense strategies. 

One 17-year-old boy in New Jersey and his parents may be hoping to determine the best manner to proceed with his case after he was recently taken into custody. Reports indicated that the police were called to an area due to gunshots being reported. An officer arrived at the scene and allegedly saw the boy, who purportedly began to approach the officer’s vehicle. The officer pointed his gun at the boy, and the boy reportedly began to run away.

Other officers, apparently, came to the scene and began to pursue the boy. During the chase, the boy allegedly pointed a gun at the officers before throwing the weapon onto a roof. He was shortly after apprehended by one of the officers. As a result of the purported incident, the boy was charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest and two other allegations. 

The serious charges being leveled against the teenager could come with severe consequences if he is convicted. Therefore, he and his parents may wish to find out more about juvenile crimes and how the allegations may affect the boy and his future. Gathering information about New Jersey criminal proceedings as well as consulting with an experienced defense attorney may prove beneficial in working in favor of the boy’s best interests.

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