New Jersey investigation leads to many facing drug charges

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Police investigations can sometimes result in multiple individuals being suspected of involvement in criminal activity. An investigation in New Jersey recently resulted in several people being taken into custody with regard to drug charges filed against them. The arrests apparently resulted from an investigation concerning gang activity that spanned over two years.

Nine men and one woman were reportedly taken into custody after police allegedly discovered cocaine. The amount of cocaine seized was reported as being worth approximately $140,000. It was unclear where or how the drugs were found, and it was also not mentioned how the suspects were connected to the situation. It was noted that multiple warrants were carried out, apparently in order to apprehend the suspected individuals. 

The nine men were a variety of ages, with the youngest being reported as 30 years old and the oldest being 54 years old. The woman was reported as being 42 years old. Though it was noted that the individuals are facing charges, it was not detailed what specific charges were brought against them. It was also unknown at the time of the report whether the individuals had obtained legal representation.

Because drug charges can mean severe consequences if convictions come about, the accused parties will likely wish to better understand their individual circumstances. Each may wish to consider discussing individual predicaments with an experienced defense attorney. Doing so may allow each accused person to gain more insight into the New Jersey criminal justice system as well as gain an advocate willing to work toward his or her best interests. 

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