Juvenile crimes: New Jersey teens accused of assault

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When individuals who are considered minors are accused of criminal activity, their cases may be handled differently than if adults were involved. Juvenile crimes could potentially be complicated for the individuals who have had charges filed against them, and as a result, they may wish to determine their options. Two teens in New Jersey — along with their parents — may be hoping to find ways to best handle their situations after being sought by police.

Reports indicated that one 16-year-old boy had been taken into custody and a 17-year-old boy was still wanted. Apparently, the two were suspected of being involved in a game of “knockout,” which takes place when an individual punches and effectively knocks out an unsuspecting person. The 16-year-old reportedly recorded the 17-year-old punching an older individual in the face. The video was uploaded to the Internet and shows the older man falling to the ground after being struck. 

The 16-year-old turned himself in to police and is currently facing charges of aggravated assault and another allegation. Police are still working on locating the other boy, and if he is found, he will face similar charges. Detectives have apparently been receiving tips about the boy’s identity.

The charges that have been filed against the teen in custody and those that will likely be filed against the second boy could result in serious consequences if a conviction is ultimately secured. The parents of the 16-year-old may wish to find out more about how juvenile crimes in New Jersey are handled and about the potential options that may be available to them. Information on criminal defense strategies and potential plea bargains may be of particular interest to them.

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