Juvenile crimes: New Jersey teens accused of arson

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Recent reports stated that two individuals were taken into custody after being suspected of setting brush fires in New Jersey. The individuals are facing charges for juvenile crimes as they were both reported as being 13 years old. There had apparently been multiple instances of fires taking place that the Forest Fire Service believed were to have been set intentionally. Two wardens had gone to the area to set up cameras in order to potentially see who may have been setting the fires.

While in the woods, the fire wardens reportedly heard someone approaching. The wardens then hid themselves in hopes of identifying the individual or individuals. They purportedly witnessed the two teenagers attempting to use a cigarette lighter to start a fire. The wardens then detained the teens, and the two were then taken into custody by police.

Formal juvenile delinquency charges for arson violations had been filed at the time of the report. The charges reportedly stemmed from two separate fire instances, including the one that the wardens purportedly witnessed. It was noted that at least one fire incident was still under investigation. The teens have pending court appearances and were released from custody to their parents.

The parents of the teens will likely hope to handle the boys’ cases in the best manner possible. As a result, they may need to gain information on what options they and their sons may have for moving forward with the legal proceedings for the juvenile crimes for which they have been charged. Consulting with an experienced attorney may help them better understand the New Jersey court proceedings for such cases if they wish to go that route.

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