Does a criminal record stay with you for life?

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You’ve surely felt the impact of your criminal record far beyond serving jail time and paying fines. It’s immediately made it more difficult to find a place to live or get a job. How long will this last?

Criminal records may be forever

Unfortunately, a criminal record can stay with you for life. Any charges against you as an adult will automatically show up on your background checks, so potential employers, landlords and even school boards will see them.

In New Jersey, however, charges against you while you are under 18 years old are automatically sealed.

The timeframe of background checks

New York restricts background checks to only the past 7 years if you are applying for a job with a salary of up to $25,000. If you will be earning more, the potential employer can see your entire background report.

So, if you are looking to get a lower paying or possibly part-time job that is under the salary restrictions, your potential employer will not see your charges if they did not happen within the last 7 years. However, if you look for a job that is higher paying, they will likely see it.

Your options: sealing or expunging

While criminal records can follow you for life, they don’t necessarily have to. You may have other options, like sealing or expunging charges from your record. While not everyone is eligible to do so, if you are, it can change your life and open so many opportunities.

Talk with a professional attorney to find out if you are eligible to erase your criminal history.


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