Spring or summer break revelry can have real-life consequences

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As annual rituals come and go, spring and summer breaks remain prominent. College students from New Jersey and throughout the nation head due south to Florida for days upon days of revelry. Businesses prepare for the uptick in people and revenues.

However, the yearly gatherings often result in serious criminal charges for some participants, with drunk driving one of the more common. In March, record numbers of traffic citations were issued for drunk driving and open-container. As with most states, Florida considers operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or chemical/controlled substances as one offense, carrying severe criminal consequences.

Lives changed in a split-second

Last year, March ended with a 26 percent increase in impaired driving crashes in Florida, with 50 resulting in serious injuries and 43 fatalities. Those numbers only added to the total of 800 deaths statewide. The most prominent substance among teenagers and young adults who compose the vast majority of spring breakers was marijuana.

The most promising scholar attending a New Jersey-based college can find their academic career delayed at best and ended at worst. For the rest of their lives, a drunk driving conviction that resulted in injuries or death will remain on their record. As they try to put their lives back together, go back to school, secure employment, or find a place to live, a single background check could sabotage those pursuits.

Drunk driving resulting in serious or fatal accidents requires immediate and skilled legal representation. Criminal accusations do not always result in convictions. For teenagers and young adults, not to mention their parents, the stakes are too high not to secure the services of a DUI defense attorney.


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