Police suspect group of juveniles of violent crimes

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When juveniles are involved in violent crimes, long-term consequences can impact their future. In some cases, juvenile law procedures in an area may allow authorities to charge suspects as adults, which can create even more dire consequences if individuals are convicted. Such ramifications may be facing four juveniles who are suspected of being involved in more than a dozen violent crimes in New Jersey.

During the weekend before New Year’s Day, police arrested one adult and four juveniles after a carjacking. According to a police spokesperson, authorities believe the suspects were also involved in multiple crimes around Christmas. Investigators report that the suspects may have been involved in more than a dozen incidents, though they have not released all details regarding charges.

According to authorities, the suspects may have been involved in a Christmas Ever incident, in which a woman’s car was rammed while she was waiting at a red light. Allegedly, the suspects fired a gunshot at the scene, but authorities have not stated if the woman’s car was stolen. Police also suspect the juveniles of involvement in the robbery of a 63-year-old man on Christmas Day. The man was allegedly robbed at gunpoint.

Any case that involves allegations of juvenile crimes should be met with serious consideration on the part of the accused and any legal guardians. In addition to legal consequences like fines or imprisonment, early-life arrests can affect many options for the future.

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