New Jersey pharmacist charged with making illegal drugs

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Federal and state prosecutors in New Jersey often file drug manufacturing charges in cases involving alleged methamphetamine production, but it can come up in different types of cases, as well. Recently, a pharmacist was arrested and charged with drug manufacturing. Authorities said he had attempted to make his own lab to produce MDA, a hallucinogenic drug related to the more well-known MDMA, or Ecstasy.

Prosecutors said the man had purchased equipment associated with the manufacture of the drug through online auction websites. Under federal law, MDA is considered a Schedule I drug, meaning that it is in the same category as heroin and cocaine. The penalties associated with conviction on MDA-related charges are just as severe as for those dangerous drugs. Prosecutors said that police will execute further search warrants in connection with the investigation.

Both state and federal laws may apply in drug prosecutions. The 33-year-old man could face up to 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine on the drug manufacturing charge. He could also face up to four years in prison and a $250,000 fine on a charge of possessing equipment and chemicals used to manufacture a controlled substance. In addition to these penalties, the man will almost certainly face severe consequences to his professional life.

Those accused of drug crimes in New Jersey are entitled to a defense. Because the penalties associated with these crimes are so serious, it’s important that the accused take their own defense extremely seriously. With the help of experienced New Jersey attorneys and a strong defense, they can work to minimize the damage to their personal and professional lives that comes with drug charges.

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