Police captain loses job after drunk driving arrest

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Drunk Driving is a serious offense. Individuals convicted of drunk driving in the state of New Jersey can face stiff penalties, including license suspension, fines, ignition interlock and more. While many motorists opt for taxis or designated drivers when going out to drink, sometimes, people make mistakes. When this happens, the effects may be more than legal, it can affect your personal life and professional life as well.

It was recently reported that a New Jersey man was terminated from his job with the Port Authority, after being arrested on a drunk driving charge. According to reports, the man was fired last September, after he was caught driving drunk near his home. The police captain was reportedly driving an unmarked police car at the time of his arrest. He has since filed a lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court to get his job back.

In his lawsuit, the former captain argues that the Port Authorities reaction to the situation is simply out of proportion to the incident and is a shock to a reasonable sense of fairness and justice. The man’s attorney further provided a list of fellow Port Authority officers who have been accused or found guilty of behaving badly in the past, but were nevertheless allowed to keep either their position with the PA or their pensions.

Facing a DUI charge can be a scary experience. From the fines and penalties associated with a conviction, to the potential embarrassment associated with a public legal records, there are a lot of reasons a DUI or DWI charge are worth fighting. While no one can guarantee an outcome, the best chance anyone has to fight a drunk driving conviction is with the aid of an experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney.

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