New Jersey man faces DUI charges after alleged accident

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When individuals consume alcohol, they may have a difficult time knowing when they have had enough. As a result, they could ingest too much alcohol, and their judgment could become considerably impaired. This impairment could lead to an individual getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and believing that he or she is capable of driving safely. However, this impairment could lead to considerably negative consequences, including DUI charges.

A man in New Jersey is currently facing such charges after authorities believed he had been driving under the influence. It was reported that the man was allegedly driving a sedan when he hit a parked SUV. After that collision, the man reportedly continued driving for a certain distance before coming to a stop.

Authorities apparently located the man while he was inside the stopped vehicle. It was reported that officers believed the man to have had an odor of alcohol about him. It was also reported that the man allegedly had a blood-alcohol level of approximately four times the legal limit. As a result, the man was taken into custody on DUI charges and additional allegations.

As a result of this reported situation, the man may hope to avoid a conviction for the DUI charges. If that is his desire, he may wish to consider exploring the New Jersey criminal proceedings for DUI to better understand what may be expected of him legally. In doing so, he may be able to determine what strategies he may wish to take advantage of that could potentially help him build a meaningful defense against the allegations.

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