Students face charges after alleged assault in New Jersey

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When young individuals are accused of being involved in alleged criminal activity, the situation can be very overwhelming. Those parties may need to look at various aspects of their circumstances, including what their age could mean for the situation. The proceedings for criminal cases can differ depending on the charges and circumstances, and therefore, individuals may want to assess their conditions and what they may face.

Seven high school students and their parents in New Jersey may be hoping to explore what events they may soon have to contend with after the students were charged. The situation began when the students, who are on the football team, allegedly participated in the supposed assault of four younger students. The younger students were reportedly restrained and inappropriately touched by the older players.

At this time, the situation has resulted in the cancellation of the school’s football season and potentially a disbanding of the program altogether. Three of the seven individuals are facing allegations for aggravated sexual assault, and the four other students have had charges of aggravated assault, criminal sexual contact as well as additional accusations leveled against them. As of the time of the report, it was unknown whether the students will be charged as minors or as adults due to the parties being under the age of 18.

Whether the players are considered adults in the situation could play a considerable role in their circumstances. If they are tried as adults, the consequences for the charges they face could be much more severe should they be convicted. As they await their court dates, they may want to gain more knowledge on criminal proceedings in New Jersey relating to their case and perhaps prepare for the possibility of being considered adults.

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