New Jersey man faces charges after allegedly sending poison

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It is not unusual for emotions to run rampant when an individual has broken up with a significant other. In some cases, a party may not take the break up well and follow through with actions that they may not normally consider. Depending on the specifications of those actions, a party could potentially face serious charges if other lives were possibly put at risk.

A 19-year-old New Jersey man recently pleaded guilty after he allegedly sent a poisoned card to the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend. It was reported that authorities were alerted to the card after the new boyfriend told a co-worker about it. The authorities reportedly confiscated the item and later charged the man with attempted murder and other charges for violent crimes.

The man is currently being held in jail, but additional charges have been filed after he reportedly told another individual that he would provide a savings bond if the individual would get revenge against parties involved in the man’s case. It was also reported that evidence indicated that the man had written down violent actions intended for the parties. He is now facing charges for criminal solicitation of various violent crimes.

The allegations that have been leveled against the man can have severe consequences if he is convicted. Therefore, he may wish to better understand his legal options and the New Jersey criminal proceedings for the charges he faces. This information may be able to benefit him by giving him an idea of what avenues may be open to the best possible outcomes.

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