DWI charges leveled against man in elf costume in New Jersey

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There are certain situations that some individuals may find themselves in that they could never have predicted. Some of those instances may include facing charges for alleged drunk driving. No matter how an individual ended up in such a situation, he or she will likely hope to understand how to deal with the future events that will stem from DWI charges.

A man in New Jersey found himself in an interesting situation after he was allegedly found intoxicated behind the wheel and dressed like an elf. It was reported that the man was asleep inside a running vehicle that was parked in a parking lot. Authorities were alerted to the situation when they were tipped off about a “suspicious” vehicle.

An officer purportedly turned off the vehicle and woke the man. It was reported that the man allegedly smelled of alcohol and seemed disoriented about his location. The man reportedly participated in sobriety tests, but it was not reported what the results of those tests were. He was taken into custody, and he was charged with driving while intoxicated, having an open container of alcohol inside the vehicle and another allegation.

Though the man may not have guessed that he would be taken into custody for drunk driving while dressed as an elf, it is a situation with which he must now contend. As his case proceeds, he may wish to determine the validity of the charges by ensuring that responding officers followed correct procedures while handling the situation. He may also wish to learn more about New Jersey court proceedings for DWI charges in order to prepare.

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