New Jersey bus driver accused of sex crimes against student

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The choices that are made when it comes to deciding to handle a legal situation can have significant repercussions. A party must decide whether pleading guilty may be the decision with which he or she is most comfortable, or he or she may consider creating a defense a more reasonable option. The decisions can depend heavily on the circumstances, and if an individual is accused of sex crimes, he or she may want to determine how that will factor into the situation.

One man in New Jersey may wish to decide his legal course of action after he was taken into custody. It was reported that the man was a bus driver, and he reportedly became connected with a 12-year-old student on social media. This connection concerned the student’s mother, and she contacted the school therapist.

Authorities were alerted to the alleged situation after the student reportedly stated that she was in a “loving relationship” with the older man. The man was taken into custody and charged with sexual assault of a juvenile and child endangerment. At the time of the report, he was being held in jail on a $100,000 bond.

Facing charges for sex crimes can be a situation that is daunting to face. An individual may not be fully aware of how he or she will be affected by such accusations, and it may be wise to find out as much information about the legal process in New Jersey as possible. Such information could potentially help parties conclude what steps they may wish to take as their cases move forward.

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