New Jersey man faces DUI charges after reported crash

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The circumstances under which an individual is facing allegations of criminal actions can play a considerable role in what types of charges may be sought by authorities. If a driver is suspected of driving under the influence, that individual could face DUI charges. However, there could also be additional charges if other parties were injured due to the apparent actions of the driver. In such a situation, a driver will likely wish to determine how those circumstances will affect his or her case.

One man in New Jersey is currently facing charges after a reported DUI accident. Reports stated that the man was driving a pickup truck when the vehicle failed to remain on the roadway. The truck initially veered off the right side, and the driver then apparently over-corrected. As a result, the truck left the roadway on the left side.

Before coming to a stop, the truck reportedly struck four children who were playing outside and then crashed into a wooded area. Three of the four children were taken to a medical center, and one child required surgery for treatment of his injuries. As a result of the reported situation, the driver of the truck was charged with DUI, DWI assault and other allegations. There was no mention whether any blood-alcohol tests were administered.

As the man’s case moves forward, finding out information on how the circumstances of the alleged event will impact his situation could prove helpful. By seeking advice concerning New Jersey criminal proceedings relating to the DUI charges he currently faces, he may be able to obtain a better idea as to how he would like to approach his case. A better understanding of the situation may allow him to feel more comfortable moving forward as he makes informed decisions concerning the pending proceedings.

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