Juvenile crimes: New Jersey teen accused of terroristic threats

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Individuals who are considered minors may face different judicial proceedings after being charged with a crime than individuals who are considered adults. Juvenile crimes can vary in their severity, and each case is unique to the parties involved. Nonetheless, considering options for creating a criminal defense is likely a step that accused individuals would like to take in order to contest any allegations of wrongdoing.

One 17-year-old boy in New Jersey may be hoping to better understand the allegations that were recently brought against him. It was reported that the boy was accused of making threats against President Obama and the White House via the Internet. It was not detailed how these threats were discovered or what caused the boy to come under suspicion, but it was mentioned that an investigation had determined that the threats allegedly came from the boy’s home. 

The house was searched by police, and electronic devices were taken from the home. The boy is currently facing charges for juvenile delinquency and was released into the custody of his mother. It was mentioned that additional charges could potentially result pending the search of the seized electronics. Because the boy is being charged as a juvenile, his identity was not released.

Juvenile crimes can result in serious consequences for the accused party, depending on the outcome of the proceedings. Therefore, the New Jersey teen suspected in this case may wish to ensure that he understands his predicament and how he may approach his case. Consulting with his legal counsel may help him and his family determine what criminal defense tactics may be most useful in achieving a desired result.

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