New Jersey man pleads not guilty to assault, other charges

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When an individual chooses to plead not guilty to criminal allegations, it is likely that the individual wants to create and present a criminal defense. In order to do so, the accused individual may want to find out information on defense strategies relating to the charges that could potentially prove beneficial. Tactics that may work for some cases may not work for others, and individuals who have been charged with assault may wish to become more knowledgeable concerning their circumstances.

One man in New Jersey recently pleaded not guilty to charges that were brought against him. The man and another individual were accused of robbing and assaulting a third individual. The alleged victim had been at a condo complex when he was purportedly approached by the two suspects. 

The suspects reportedly punched the 20-year-old man in the face and took his wallet, phone and keys. The punch is said to have caused the victim a broken jaw which required surgery. The suspects were not immediately located, but they were both later taken into custody. One man pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree robbery, and the other man pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree robbery, conspiracy and third-degree assault. 

Because one man entered a plea of not guilty, the prosecution must now prove its case against him by relevant evidence that is found to be beyond a reasonable doubt. Finding out information on New Jersey criminal proceedings relating to assault and the other allegations filed against him may allow him to better understand what he may face. Furthermore, discussing his state of affairs with his legal counsel may also help in determining what defense strategies are best suited to achieve a favorable result. 

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