Woman facing DUI charges after alleged accident in New Jersey

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Understanding how to handle criminal charges can be difficult for individuals who may not have much legal knowledge. Luckily, there is assistance available to interested parties who wish to learn more about their options and what choices may best suit their cases. After a recent accident in New Jersey, one individual may be looking to better understand her legal predicament due to facing DUI charges.

It was reported that a nun was driving when she crashed a vehicle into the front of a building. She had purportedly driven into a parking lot, and before exiting the lot, she apparently backed the vehicle into the door of the building. She reportedly left that scene, but supposedly a witness contacted police about the alleged incident. The vehicle was later stopped by officers.

Reports also indicated that the woman failed a sobriety test, but it was not specifically noted what type of test she underwent. Nonetheless, she was charged with driving under the influence. The woman’s age and name were not released, but it was mentioned that she was a nun from another state. She was apparently driving a pickup truck when the alleged incident occurred. 

It is likely that the woman will want to handle her DUI charges in the best manner for her case. By gathering information on the charges and New Jersey legal proceedings, she may feel more confident in choosing the legal path that she would like to follow. Discussing her state of affairs with her legal counsel may also help her move forward in the direction of her best interests.

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